We provide a wide range of services for ISO Tank Containers. Our services including:

    • Tank services (check and maintenance Tank Containers including systematic pressing test, and 2.5/5 years test).
    • Repair & Maintenance of Rubber Lined and Coated Tanks.
    • Pre-loading inspection.
    • Estimates IICL-ACC In-service criterion.
    • In service, Valve, Dents, Cladding and frame repairs.
    • Shell polishing, welding, grinding, and pitting.
    • Pickle and passivation.
    • Off/on hire repairs.
    • 12 Steam and electric Heating station.
    • Chemical Cleaning Units according to EFTCO certificate.
    • Kosher washing under official certification.
    • Systematic Test area and covered Workshop up to 10 Tank Units.
    • Dew point Nitrogen purge check and Depot certificate.

Through our advanced IT platform we offer an accurate reporting in accordance with your needs, besides customized Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) functionality.